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If our sins count, sodowe.
As we enter the period of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, one of the terms that comes
to mind is atonement for our sins. We spend extensive time standing contrite, gently
banging our chest as we review the list of probable misdemeanours of the year gone
past. Does God really concern himself with the trivial and petty issues that we get
Clearly the answer is yes and within that there is an extremely powerful endorsement.
He cares because our actions, however apparently insignificant to us, do make a
difference. That can only be becausewematter inHisworld.
Our existence is not random or haphazard but designated by no less than the
Creator of everything. We have to live with that sense of purpose and raise children
to believe that in the core of their being. It is only because we are so vital in the plan,
that little in our lives is minor. We make choices constantly and the choices make us.
This fashions theworldwhichHemade. Once a year we stand to account.
Start the newyear by choosing to join in as you read our brochure.
We look forward towelcoming you.
Wishingyou a year of goodhealth, happiness and inspiration!
Rabbi Malcolm Herman
Associate National Director
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