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Post-primary school programmes
including a parenting course with
a focus on teenagers and the popular
Bat Mitzvah Programme
for mothers and daughters and the new father and son Bar Mitzvah
trip to Israel.
Residential weekend seminars for families
featuring educational
and inspiring lectures and workshops for adults and a full range
of children’s activities and programmes.
Trips abroad to Israel and Poland
incorporating education-based
touring and study opportunities not available in the UK. These trips are
focused around specific groups of participants - families, mothers and
daughters on our Bat Mitzvah Programme, fathers and sons on a Bar
Mitzvah trip and separate trips for women and men.
One2One learning centres
for adults
matches up
suitable volunteers to participants in order to share educational
resources on a one-to-one basis.
The Seed shul in Edgware
which currently has 67 member families
with many more regulars intending to join. The shul has recently
been enlarged as part of our refurbishment and is looking
forward to an extended period of growth.
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